Trento and Bolzano at the top in every sense: the quality of life is the best in Italy.

Trento and Bolzano at the top in every sense: the quality of life is the best in Italy.

Considered the northernmost region of Italy, Trentino Alto Adige enjoys autonomy since 1972. Surrounded by the Alps and dotted with wide valleys, it hosts the upper part of the wonderful Lake of Garda. Among the 20 Italian regions, Trentino enjoys an extremely important record: the provinces of Trento and Bolzano occupy the first places in the national ranking regarding livability.

This result has been so resonant that the European Union has rewarded the commitment of the two cities towards sustainable development. What are the strengths? The region is surrounded by beautiful scenery that attracts 5 million tourists from all over the world every year: nature reserves such as Nature Parks (Adamello Brenta and Paneveggio Pale di San Martino) have allowed Trentino to obtain the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in 2017, a confirmation of how environmental quality is central both in the political agenda and in sensitivity.

The infrastructures are efficient and do not contrast with the landscape, and the tendency towards renewal is always the keystone of every activity. Culture is also affected by the region. The University of Trento is the university with the highest level of gratification from the students, also for the flexible opening towards other European universities. 

And despite the fact that in recent years there has been a 20% drop in crime, the region is constantly striving to increase its controls by law enforcement agencies. Beauty, culture, safety, are combined with enogastronomy, also characteristic. The cuisine is based on simple traditional dishes, genuine and zero kilometer, given the richness and variety offered by the land in question.

Typical dishes include Polenta carbonera, Strudel, Peverà and I canederli. How to live at 360 degrees then this region? For those looking for a house in Trentino or a lease, there are different possibilities. The typical buildings par excellence are the so-called Maso, rural houses characterized by a barn and a room used for cooking food.Perfects for a full immersion in tradition.The price is around 23,000 euros.

In particular you can visit here the properties for sale in Trento and the properties for sale in Bolzano.

For a stay instead we start from 50 euros per night. Analyzing instead the less characteristic buildings but revisited in a modern way, (equipped with every comfort) we start from rent contracts of € 2,250 per month.

A reasonable price if you think you are in the area with the best quality of life in Italy. But for those who do not want to give up nature and luxury, you can choose between the various resorts with outdoor hot pools (price 245 euros per day).

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